The Web is your Platform

The MobyLink Platform Is…

What is it?

A solution that delivers interactive access to information from Hybrid/Cloud sources to any modern device without software installation that runs in a web browser.

It can be used to extend your old information systems and give them an accessible modern application experience and/or provide a single Internet Platform for all modern devices across the cloud.Find out moreā€¦

Who is it for?

Any business looking to:  
  • Mobilise access to systems anywhere,
  • integrate different information sources,
  • migrate/extend from legacy systems and/or
  • decrease manual processes & reliance on infrastructure.
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What can it do for You?…

Case Studies

About MobyLink

Mobylink was born to standardise and improve the development and process automation we’ve achieved in the past. Recognising that most Software solutions require similar capabilities and suffer the same shortfalls, we identified a gap in the market for a system designed to unify, connect and automate Legacy Processes and Systems with Cloud and Automation technology. Now instead of rebuilding the wheel, Mobylink is the engine driving us forward.Find out more…