About Bluesafe

Bluesafe has been providing Business Analysis, IT consulting  and Software Development services since 2006 to clients across retail, manufacturing, financial and numerous other industries. We pride ourselves on our high ethical and professional standards providing exceptional value and quality of service.

About MobyLink

Mobylink was born to standardise and improve the development and process automation we’ve achieved in the past. Recognising that most Software solutions require similar capabilities and suffer the same shortfalls, we identified a gap in the market for a system designed to unify, connect and automate Legacy Processes and Systems with Cloud and Automation technology. Now instead of rebuilding the wheel, Mobylink is the engine driving us forward.

Services We Can Provide

Software Development

Process Automation

Platform as a Service

  • Development of applications in the cloud or on the desktop specific to your needs
  • Extending your existing software functionality to enhance its features
  • Extensive business and industry experience finding ways to improve business operations, streamline and automate processes while identifying and neutralizing sources of error
  • Highly stable platform developed over 6 years designed to enable rapid application development and instant deployment
  • Running in an environment independent of operating system, working on all modern devices, enabling the possibility of combining and collating multiple data sources

Infrastructure as a Service

Software as a Service

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Existing Generic MobyLink Web-Apps can be licenced to you to extend functionality
  • Development of MobyLink Web-Apps for licencing out to general users or sub-entities