The MobyLink Platform…


What is it?

A solution that delivers interactive access to information from Hybrid/Cloud sources to any modern device without software installation that runs in a web browser.

It can be used to extend your old information systems and give them an accessible modern application experience and/or provide a single Internet Platform for all modern devices across the cloud.


Who is it for?

Recommended for businesses looking to:

  • Mobilise access to systems anywhere,
  • integrate different information sources,
  • migrate/extend from legacy systems and/or
  • decrease manual processes & reliance on infrastructure.

What are the Benefits?

To gain some of the following benefits:

  • Unified experience across all devices and Operating Systems
  • Reduce Development Costs (Develop once instead of once for each platform/device)
  • Reduce infrastructure costs (Less expensive devices required for new systems, minimal hardware usage means fewer upgrades on existing systems)
  • Option to connect to other Data-sources or Legacy APIs

MobyLink Web Apps…

Web Apps are independent of any other system and delivered and supported using the MobyLink Platform. This gives you control of what apps are available and which users they are available to.

What are they?

What can I use them on?

You can run Web Apps on virtually any device that can run a web-browser. This includes PCs, Tablets and Mobile Phones regardless of operating system. Supported Browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer version 11+